Control of metabolic and inflamatory pathways by nuclear receptors

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The primary training objective is to deliver researchers with interdisciplinary and intersectoral expertise. NR-NET will provide training in a full spectrum of skills to tackle high quality research in NR biology. These include opportunities for training in the following areas:

  1. Molecular Biology and Epigenetics
  2. Protein structure function
  3. Physiology and disease pathogenesis
  4. High throughput technologies, Bioinformatics, Systems Biology
  5. Pharmacology, drug development

Skills offered by the transfer of knowledge program

Scientific and technology expertise in:

  1. Basic molecular biology and biochemistry.
  2. Studying mechanistic aspects of gene regulation and chromatin function.
  3. ES cell manipulation and gene targeting by homologous recombination.
  4. Generation of knockout and transgenic mice.
  5. Protein structure analysis by NMR and crystallography.
  6. Gene expression profiling using microarrays and RNA-sequencing.
  7. Standard and genome-wide ChIP-based technologies (ChIP-seq).
  8. Applications of advanced in silico bioinformatic tools and statistical methods.
  9. Phenotypic analysis of mice.
  10. Studying organ development and physiology.
  11. Studying disease pathogenesis and drug activity in mouse models.

Complementary skills:

  1. Presentation of scientific results (paper writing, and oral presentation)
  2. Writing scientific proposals.
  3. Strategies for technology development and commercial exploitation of scientific results.
  4. Project management and scientific entrepreneurship.
  5. Intellectual property and technology transfer.
  6. Ethical aspects in biological research (legislations, animal welfare, human subjects) and scientific publishing.

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