Control of metabolic and inflamatory pathways by nuclear receptors

Date: Monday June 29

Place: University of Lausanne, Amphipôle building, room 342

09.00 Tour de Table

09.10 Opening remarks – Gratiela Dobirta (Responsible EU Officer of NR-NET)

09.30 Coordinator’s report

Fellows’ Individual Scientific Presentation (10.00 – 15.15)

The fellows should briefly present themselves, their background, and their training experiences within the Network. Most importantly, the fellows should show the main objectives of their projects, methodology used and main results obtained so far. The end of the presentation should include the fellows’ expectations on the possible impact of the action on their future career.

10.00 Fellows at BSRC Al. Fleming (PI: Iannis Talianidis)

- Sofia Gargani

- Teresa Rubio-Tomas

10.30 Fellows at Karolinska Institute (PI: Eckardt Treuter)

- Marco Giudici

- Serena Barilla

11.00 Coffee

11.30 Fellows at University of Leicester (PI: John Schwabe)

- Zsolt Szijgyarto

- Beatriz Romartinez

- Irene Nigi

12.15 Presentation - University of Bari (PI: Antonio Moschetta)

12.30 Lunch Brake

13.30 Fellows at University of Lausanne (PI: Beatrice Desvergne)

           - Trang Bao Khanh

           - Tiziana Caputo

14.00 Fellows at University of Debrecen (PI: Laszlo Nagy)

- Andreas Patsalos

14.15 Fellows at IGBMC-Strasburg (PI: Laszlo Tora)

- Fidalgo Baptista Tiago

14.30 Presentation - University of Milano (PI: Maurizio Crestani)

14.45 Fellows at Diagenode (PI: Renaud Schoemans)

- Anne-Clémence Veillard

15.00 Fellow at UD-Genomed (PI: Gabor Zahuczky)

            - TBA

15.15 Presentation of the company Astra Zeneca (Krister Bamberg)

15.45 Presentation of the company Phenex (Ulrich Deushle)

16.15 Coffee

16.45 – 18.30 Meeting between MC Fellows and the EU Officer

16.45 – 18.30 Parallel Supervisory Board Meeting

18.30 – 19.30 Feedback from the EU Officer and the Expert Reviewer and open discussion

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